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Look great and feel even better with a customizable pubic wig from The Original Pussycat Patch. With a high client satisfaction rate, we assure you of quality merkins that are perfectly tailored to match your personal style. Spread the word and help a friend who may be in need of custom merkins by sending us your referral today.

The Natural

Let your creative juices flow and design your very own custom pubic wig with our bestseller, The Natural. This piece comes in synthetic or human hair, and is approximately 3" x 3" x 3" in size and the hair is 1" to 2" in length. All our merkins come in a special package that contains everything you need for short or long-term application.

Shape Customization

The Original, #1 in the World Pussycat Patch can be fashioned to any design you want, be it letters, numbers, or even shapes. All you have to do is trim the base size and length of the hair to whatever style you choose before you put it on; it's that simple! However, there are a few simple guidelines that you must follow before you get creative. First, make sure that you use only good quality scissors. This can be purchased separately in our store along with a specialized comb. Next, gently lay down the template of your design on the merkin. Templates can be made using a wax pencil or you can just freehand it if you want. Last, follow the template and trim starting with the base size facing you; be careful not to stretch it while you're cutting. Once you're done, just put it on and you're good to go!

Color Customization

Aside from custom shapes, you can also color our product in any color you want. We recommend that you first color test a small patch of the merkin because some colors do not appear as vibrant as it should be on our product. Note that color customization can only be done on our human hair pieces.

Special Adhesive for Merkins

When it comes to long or short-term application, we offer different types of adhesive for each. If you're planning to wear your Pussycat Patch for an hour or a day, short term tape is your best bet. After use, just wash the merkin in cold water and then set it out to dry flat. For long term wear, if you want to sleep and shower and live with it on, use the long term tape.Note that to remove long-lasting adhesive, tape remover pads are recommended.